[31 Television Shows in the month of August]
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The Pretender

I don’t remember how I got into this show, but once I saw it, I was hooked. I love, love, loved The Pretender when I was in middle school. I’m currently rewatching it now, I still love it, but it’s much more 90’s than I remembered it to be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

I love how fast paced, exciting and suspenseful the show can be, but I also love the softer, quieter moments of compassion. I love how smart and clever it can be, while also being heartfelt or heartbreaking. The sense of adventure and self-discovery is in everyone, but no one more than Jarod, and following his journey was a very enjoyable story. My only complaint is the show ended too early (was canceled), and it never had a proper ending. I keep wishing and hoping that someday, magically they will make a tv movie to end it, but as its been around 10 years or so, each day my hope shrinks. It would be amazing though.

This was also the first show I fell in love with after getting the internet. It was the first show I could really fangirl over, and print photos, download sound gifs (because this was pre-youtube days) and I put them all on my floppy discs! It seems like yesterday, but it’s so old school to think about now. I still have those floppy discs, just nothing to play them on. :)

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    Just joined the fandom a month ago. Really enjoying the show. I’m thinking I ship parker and broots. Is that a thing?...
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    Miss Parker afjdkal;sjflkasf;dlakfjjljalkjdflajfdlafdlsa Baddest bitch on the planet fuck yeah! They did make 2 TV...
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